The Importance of Self-Love

I originally wanted to talk about our honeymoon this week but the idea of "self-love" has been haunting me for days now. Literally. It's come up so much that I feel like I need to continue the conversation!

As a holistic health minded person I try to have a constant practice of self-love. What does that mean exactly? It means that every day I choose to love myself first and foremost. They say that you cannot give love unless you love yourself and I couldn't agree more.


If I want to take a yoga class, indulge in a good book, or have ice cream, I don't stop myself. I mean, I could easily come up with a million excuses on why I shouldn't take that yoga class, sit and read for hours, or eat a bowl (or two) of ice cream. It is a constant struggle in my mind but, just like everything in life, it's all about balance. I believe wholeheartedly in the 80/20 rule - 80% healthy and 20% indulge. That rule applies to my eating habits and my self-love practice.

One night last week I had BIG plans to get home from work, mop the floors, start laundry, and take out the trash. The reality of it was that when I got home at 8:45pm, I was exhausted. I could feel Mr. Sandman pulling my eyelids heavy. The idea of taking another hour to tackle just the floors was daunting. So, I compromised with myself. I took the trash out and started laundry but did not mop the floors. I let myself feel content with only getting through a couple things on my to-do list and decided it was time to unwind and do a little self-love practice for me and only me. After I got ready for bed, I laid in bed and watched one of my shows. Let me tell you... what a luxury!!  To be able to sit and indulge in T.V. was so relaxing and the best way to end my day.

The next day I got home from work and, again, had made a huge "to-do" list for myself. Immediately I laughed at it. My internal monologue went something like "are you trying to kill yourself?!" So I put the list away and unrolled my yoga mat. I practiced for an hour! AN HOUR! A solid sixty minutes of "me" time. It was glorious and I think that was my first good night's sleep since our honeymoon.

The thing is, if I spend too much time giving and doing, I get cranky and tired. I don't feel full, I feel drained. I use this practice as a tool to refuel my heart so I can show up to love my husband and dogs and family and friends. The best part? It can show up in many different ways!

Here's a list of my [current] top 10 self-love practices: 

Photo by  Katie Boone

Photo by Katie Boone

  1. Spending time with my dogs & bird
  2. Yoga or dance class
  3. Acupuncture or Massage
  4. Going to a concert or listening to music
  5. Hiking
  6. Reading or listening to a book
  7. Eating Dessert or Baking
  8. Face Mask or Taking a Bath
  9. Laying in the hammock
  10. Enjoying a good cup of coffee
  11. **BONUS** Watching T.V. or a movie

How have you shown up for yourself today? What self-love practices do you find time for? Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear more ideas! XO.